Welcome to my site. I am Tiana.


Nine years ago I’ve decide to change my life’s path. After a big loss in my life – my mother – and another big loss – my job – I had to take some action. I was down many times in my life, but I’m a fighter, and I always stand up, dust myself off and start anew.

I didn’t start right away turning to the virtual world. First, I accepted a job in a multinational company – a very promising job, but with no perspectives. On top of that, I had to drive to the office and back home about 4 to 6 hours  day. After one year I was pretty much a wreck. That’s when Eliana showed up in my life – God bless her for that – and convinced me to turn to working in the virtual world. She gave me the courage and the power to do this.

Many people think it is very easy to work online. What’s the big deal, after all? You turn on your computer, you write a newsletter or two, you answer a phone call and that’s about it.

Well, it’s not really like that.

I’ve build this site as a presentation of my services, but also as a collection of advises for the ones thinking to turn to this wonderful but so difficult job.

I hope you will enjoy it.